Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yayyy. Today I had an extended 'conversation' in German. I say 'conversation' because it was with my friend Sabine and she was asking me stuff she already knew about me but just figured would be in my vocab, but anyway, she said I have a very good accent :). That makes me so happy because it's the number one thing I am most self conscience about. The American 'r' sounds really terrible in other languages, and most definitely in German, but they said mine were really good! I also made only one mistake in the conversation, I forgot an accusative, which I think isn't so bad!

This morning I decided to walk to the gym, so of course since I wasn't driving that means I forgot my keys and got locked out of the house. The whole house has automatically locking doors when they close behind you so I am surprised it took me this long to do it! And it happened at a relatively convenient time. Nicole and the boys weren't going to be home for several hours but I had plans anyway, so I didn't have to sit outside the house and wait.

I finally found a restaurant that had a reallyyyy good chicken caesar salad wrap! I have been craving one and this one was sooooo delicious. I have a feeling I now will be back their quite often. They had a super interesting menu, it had everything from traditional German food to Thai food, and everything we ordered was delicious. 

Sabine's friend was also at lunch and Sabine had just cut her hair and did a really awesome job, so we decided she should do mine too! My hair is like insanely long at the moment and in desperate need of some cutting, so, agh, I hope that goes well. Well, there is tons of it to work with, so even if I don't like it the first time we could probably just do a whole new hair cut a but shorter. I probably have enough length for 3 or 4 do overs at the point, haha. 

Lastly, Nina, the housekeeper here, made me a 'playdate' for tomorrow. It's her sons (pregant!) girlfriend and we are going swimming with one of her friends. Only one of them speaks English so that should be fun. I am actually really nervous though because I kind of have the vibe they are hanging out with me as a favor to Nina and I don't want to hang out with people who don't want to hang out with me. Nina is sweet, but she is the Pushy Grandma type and she probably painted this sad lonely picture of me to them, which is untrue and also it really doesn't leave me much opportunity to make an impression. Like they are probably going into this looking at it as a chore so I feel like I have an uphill battle to make them think of me as a normal person and not some freak. Haha, I am probably reading WAYY too much into this situation. I should probably just be happy I am going to go swimming tomorrow :).

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