Thursday, November 13, 2008

i love the Schwimmbad!!

So, I went back to the pool with the boys today but TRAGEDY the jumping platforms were closed :(. I checked the times and it looks like the only time we'd ever be able to make it there on time for jumping is if we go STRAIGHT after school on Tuesdays. 

I'm really excited that soccer is over because it was twice a week and it was from 5:00-6:30 and about 20 minutes away which meant we had absolutely zero free time two days a week so I felt like we never got to do anything fun. Now the only day we have a formal activity is Tennis on Wednesdays. Now we have so much more time for movies, swimming, parks, and, yeah, I'll actually need to THINK of stuff to keep them occupied, haha, but I'm thinking no matter what it will be way more fun than sitting in the car for 2 hours twice a week. 

Argh. My room is so cold. I think the heat in my room is broke. As is the light. But I'm too timid to ask Frank to fix it. Haha, I'm such a freak. I really need to ask him before it gets any colder, this can't be healthy for me. 

Well, I need to wash the pool smell off of me. Hopefully I'll have more substantial things to say tomorrow, but I doubt it.

Oh, wait. One more thing. Remember yesterday when I was all...I'm gonna study German ALL day tomorrow? I totally didn't. In fact, aside from getting the dry cleaning and doing some food shopping I laid in bed ALL day. :).

Well, there is always tomorrow...

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