Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm a genius!

So, I had a brilliant idea today. For dinner the boys requested the German version of a pizza bagel. They aren't really on bagels, but they are tiny and round so in my head I think of them as pizza bagels. ANYWAY, I bought the kind with ham on it and I was just getting ready to pop them in the oven, when I remembered that we had a pineapple that reallllllyyy needed to be cut or soon it was going to go bad and THEN, I was like 'oh my goodness I shall put pineapple on top of these mini pizzas' and I did and it was delicious! Not to mention they looked ADORABLE. I would have taken a picture but my camera was two floors up and that is just too far. I plan on making them again though, because they were so tasty, so I'll plan in advance and take pictures again. 

In other news I don't have class tomorrow. The way my German class works is that I had a woman named Ute Monday through Wednesday and then a dude named Paul (rhymes with 'towel' in German) on Thursday. I think the purpose behind this is that Ute teaches us everything and we drill everything a thousand times and then Paul comes in and we have to use it. He'll mix up all the vocab and lessons of the past week and we don't learn anything new, per se, but we actually have to put everything to use and speak to him and our class mates and I find those days wayyyy more difficult. Within my class I am probably one of the best at memorizing and absorbing new material but I also have the least exposure to German. So on Ute days I am a star because she teaches us something and I can recite it back perfectly. Then Paul comes and uses a word we weren't taught specifically and I am like 'buhhhhh.' Ute is very careful to use the class vocabulary, and when she or someone else uses a word that hasn't specifically been taught she'll pause and demonstrate it, Paul just talks a million miles a minute and never explains a thing. 

Overall, I think this system is great though, no matter how stressful Thursdays can sometimes be, but now I feel like because we aren't having this class tomorrow I feel like I definitely need to make up for it in someway. Especially because Paul doesn't even let us speak in English during our break so Thursdays usually consists of 4 hours of exclusively German, in addition to it being German of a somewhat higher level. I just don't know how though. I think I will just sit with my Rosetta Stone the entire time the boys are in school. 

(Haha, omg, little aside, I keep randomly capitalizing nouns as I type this out. And the other day I said "was" instead of "what" when someone called my name. It's really getting in there!)

Sigh, I am le tired. I am going to watch Colbert (on recommendation of Meliss, apparently there is some exciting interview about Prop 8) and TDS and then...SLEEP!

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