Tuesday, November 18, 2008


grrrrrr. We went back to the pool today and the jumping platforms were closed AGAIN. I NEED to jump off the 7m one. I know I can go on the weekends, but, guh, I need to see Max jump off, haha. He is just so tiny! It's going to be so hilarious.

Something totally unhilarious, however, was when Mike hurled himself down the slide backwards and got a bloody nose. That was the first time one of them got seriously injured under my care, but Mike took it surprisingly well (considering he is definitely the one more prone to tears). He cried for a few minutes (completely understandable) and we sat outside of the pool for a couple of minutes. I asked if he wanted to go to to first aid and he said no and I thought that was fine because his nose stopped bleeding almost right away. I then said we could go home if wanted but he said he would stay and he didn't even pout when I told him to not go under water for 10 or so minutes so the blood could clot properly.

Other than that, the pool was the usual fun. I really love swimming and the indoor pools in Germany are just all kinds of fantastic. ESWE is where I take the boys and its like the "low brow" (meaning for kids, I've been to INSANELY gorgeous ones that focus more on heat and massaging, etc, but they are also way more expensive and Max and Mike would probably die of boredom -- actually JK, we would get kicked out because we'd probs play shark attack which always ends with us kicking strangers...) indoor pool and it has a Sprudelarium (sp?!) with all different kinds of massagers in it, a surprisingly fun kids pool with a great slide and then the enormous main pool that has places for laps and 1m and 3m springboards and 5m and 7m diving platforms. Oh yeah and the sauna and such is included, all for 8 euro for the three of us. The only downside is OMG MY HAIR IS ROOOOOOONED.

Oh man, I got so cranky in my German class today, haha. I was getting super bored because we were going over Accusative, Genitive, Dative, etc. for like the millionth time and while I TOTALLY understand why people would be confused it doesn't change the fact that it's really hard for me to stay awake during those parts, even though I totally should because though I'm familiar with the grammatical functions from Latin I, of course, don't know 100% how they work in German, so I really should have paid attention. But I didn't and we went around and I had like a slip of the tongue and I said the wrong thing and this one girl who is a super know it all and always corrects people and gives answers doesn't even give me a second to adjust she just shouts the answer and it's just, ugh, excuse me, but I am trying to learn German, too. Can I just have a second. And I would have gotten over it but THEN  we were going around and I did some math wrong and she attempts to correct me AGAIN and so, haha, not without a bit of bitchyness I go, "Ok, yeah, I get it, just give me a second" and she doesn't speak English but everyone got the idea because they all STFU. And yeah, ok, it was bitchy but my teacher totally backed me up and said that we all get our turns to answer so don't shout if someone messes up, just let them work through it. I usually know the answer and I never shout it, it's not that hard, we aren't fucking preschoolers.

Nicole is going away tomorrow morning until Thursday evening and she is super worried that I will miss Mike's foot doctor appointment because I almost missed a dentist appointment last week (thank god for small miracles, a chair broke and it was cancelled)  SO if you are a person who talks to me on AIM remind me like every time you speak to me.



MP said...

post a new entry, BIATCH.

Post Script - I don't know if you heard the tragic news but my basball idol Moose has officially...*tear*....retired. I am so depressed.

caitybates said...

OMG PRAISE FUCKING JESUS. he sucked so hard.