Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kids. So adorable.

So, today the boys and I were playing a little variation on monkey in the middle. It went like this. Two of kicked a ball back and forth between us, and the 'monkey' had to get it, but the catch was that at all times he had to be at least touching this giant green bean bag. Additionally, once he caught the ball he could ask us a question, and the person who got it right was the new monkey. 

Mike got the ball and he asked us what his second favorite color is. These questions are tough because it changes like every single day. Max and I were running through the rainbow and Mike had said no at every single one so then Max guessed white and then he added on "even though that isn't a color." And then I had a little *glee* moment because I was the one who had taught him that the other day.
It wasn't white, though, so then Max guessed black and he goes "I know that's not a color either, but, you know, kids."

I just cracked up right then and there. Mind you, Max is 9 and Mike is 7, making this even more hilarious. Seriously, Max sounds like a 40 year old man sometimes and I love it.

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