Wednesday, November 5, 2008


My original plan had been to go to bed and wake up at 4 or so to watch the returns. I got to bed early enough to do this, actually a bit too early as I was up again at midnight, so there wasn't anything to keep me up other than a few articles on voter turn out. I decided to go back to bed, figuring I'd be up again in a few hours. Well, I did get up at 4 and I was actually a bit dissappointed! I only checked the NY Times website and the headline was "Obama and McCain split early states" or something like that so I figured Obama had only taken 1 of either Ohio, Pennsylvania or Virginia or perhaps none at all, since I knew there were some big guaranteed wins for him (NY: represent!) in the East. I did see however, that he was already significantly ahead in the Electoral college. That wasn't SUPER comforting though as the middle of the country is usually pretty red. So, I was going to stay up at this point, but I couldn't find anywhere that was streaming live results and I was neither going to sit there refreshing my computer nor go downstairs to where we have CNN International, so I decided just to go to bed. 

So, the next time I wake up it's 6am and if the election actually went the way I was hoping, I was figuring the winner would have been projected. I was super nervous though so I decided to check my email first. I have one email from my friend and the subject is "SYRACUSE IS ON FIRE." 

I almost had a heart attack. I thought for sure McCain had one and the liberal college scene was mass rioting. I didn't even bother reading the email and I checked NY Times straight away all the while shaking so badly and feeling like I was going to throw up.

First words I read:

OBAMA: Racial Barrier Falls as Voters Embrace Call for Change.

And then I jumped up and down and danced all over my room. Such a brilliant morning! I've watched his speech twice through now and I just really find him so eloquent, and if he is as good as he sounds I think America has a really bight four years to look forward to :):):).

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