Friday, November 7, 2008

FOB and I'm not leaving my room this weekend...

So, I need to get something off my chest.

I will always&forever adore Fall Out Boy. I say that with absolutely no irony or sarcasm. I think they are the greatest band ever (especially Patrick). No matter how mainstream they get or how many times people insist they 'sold out,' I'll always love them. I don't care if it isn't sophisticated or musically groundbreaking, I just never get sick of it.

And I mean I REALLY never get sick of it. Here is proof:

You'll probably need to click that to make it bigger, and when you do prepare for a shock. There are some hiiiiigh play counts. And of course this is only the amount of times I've listened to each song on my computer/Ipod. Which is only about half of the total since ever since I've been able to drive (and even before that when it was just my friends who could drive) FOB has been my driving music.

The reason I am posting about this though is because I feel like it's so lonely being a Fall Out Boy fan. Which is funny because they obviously have tons of fans, just not so many in the 20 year old intelligent female arena, which is where all my friends make their home, so I never have anyone to be excited with. They have anew album coming out in December and the only people I can ever talk about it with are Max and Mike and it's only ever me letting them know that come December they can say goodbye to all the mixes we made because we are only listening to FOB. They aren't at all excited (though I think secretly Max kind of likes them).

SIGH. Anyway. I'm feeling all sorts of pressure to be fluent in German, like, yesterday. The pressure is coming from no where but myself, but somedays I'll feel like I'm really learning so much and then somedays I can't even form a sentence. I just hate that I don't really have anyone to practice with. So, rather illogically I told myself I should lock myself in my room and practice all weekend but then I was like OMG CAITLIN YOU IDIOT. Go out with German people! Make them speak German to you. That would probably be 20 times more valuable than an entire weekend looking up things in a dictionary.

Ugh, speaking of German classes, there is now drama in that part of my life. We had a new person come into our class and he is from South Carolina and I would say about 35 years old. Fine. Whatever. EXCEPT yesterday he approached me about meeting on the weekends to practice, because he is rather behind as he missed the first two weeks and he really needs to learn as much German as possible before he starts his job in a month. Also, fine, okay, but his life is a hot mess. Like, really. And he gives me the creeps. He is like the definition of what people consider 'redneck.' He came here because he knocked up his girlfriend who is German. She has like a ton of debt here from her first marriage so she couldn't leave Germany whereas he was living alone and didn't have any debt so he decided to move here with her. She is in the middle of custody battle for her son who lives in the US with his dad (she met her first husband when he was stationed in Germany). Ok, that's fine, I don't have a problem with people having kids or moving to be with someone you love BUT HERE IS WHERE IT GETS SKETCHY...So, he is explaining to me how he met this girl, and the only conclusion I could come to is that THEY ARE FAIRLY CLOSELY RELATED?!?! I'm pretty sure they are first cousins. It was all really confusing (incest often is!) but from how he was talking they share a set of nieces that live here in Germany. He was calling these two girls his nieces, but they are also the kids of his girlfriend's sister. I would have just assumed that, okay, they aren't married but obviously if they had been together long enough he'd consider the girls his own nieces, but he has only been with the woman for about 3 months! He began dating her when she was in the US visiting her son, so he has known these "nieces" for even less time. And then he had mentioned that he had known his girlfriend since they were 3 or 4 years old and that whenever this woman visits the US she stayed with his mother because she is the only person the girlfriend knew in the US.

I don't know. Obviously I don't have all the details. But I'm creeped out. Perhaps I'll find out more when we do this studying or whatever.

I need to clean my room again. Omg, it was clean like DAYS ago, but this week it has SPUN OUT OF CONTROL. Here is a picture so you can feel sympathy for me because of the task that lies ahead.

Yeah, I don't know what happened this week. Probably, that I wasn't home for even a second and I was always showering in the 30 minutes I have between dropping the boys off and class, which means there are crumpled clothes EVERYWHERE.

I hope Nicole hasn't been up here as she would probably have a heart attack...

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