Saturday, November 15, 2008


Today was really nice. I watched the boys 'til about three and they were sweet today and tons of fun. We played Viva Pinata like ALL day (I did ATTEMPT to get them outside, so I'm not the WORST Au Pair) and it was sooooo fun, except now Max totally has more pinatas than I do and he's been playing for a merely a day whereas I have been playing for 3 weeks. I hate stupid 9 year old boys and their ridiculous ability to master video games. 

Then once Frank got home I went to Nina's and it was so great. Her neighbor Claudia was there and, my god, her English is INSANE. She did live in the US for 11 years, but there are people in my German class who have been here that long and they can hardly form a sentence and I know people who've lived in the US that long and they still have some traces of an accent. Not this women. She sounded more American than I do! It gives me hope that one day I will speak German super well.

Speaking of speaking German (heh), WOAH did I use a lot of German today. Even when Claudia was there I spoke some German and also it was great when she translated because I would say something in English and then here it said in German right after, so I picked up tons of new words. And then she left for two or so hours and Nina and I talked loads in German and she taught me a bunch of new words. Dinner was delicious and I just really adore Nina. She told me tons of useful information like what she thinks I do well and what she thinks I could do to make Nicole happier and it was just so helpful. She also said some really nice things about me and how I do my job and that's always really satisfying, to know that someone thinks you are good at what you are doing. She said that Max and Mike say that they really like me and that Nicole told her Mike's English has improved loads since I got here. Now that both Opa and Nina have said they think I am a good Au Pair I think I can stop worrying about it so much just because certain people haven't said it. 

I am so grateful Nina and I became so close. She is so funny and crazy and their are so many fringe benefits to our relationship! The crazy woman offered to do my laundry! There is no way I am going to let her do it, but I thought that was so super kind. Considering we are the only ones in the house all day it's really nice to know she isn't just a a colleague, but she is really become like a surrogate Grandma! It's nice to have that being so far from home.

Sigh. I am tired, but I think I will do a German lesson before bed. I did that last night and I freaking dreamt in German. Hypnopaedia totally works.

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