Monday, November 17, 2008

teh kyootnessss

Sometimes this job is such a looking glass into the future. I am literally elated right now because Max and Mike ate what I made for dinner and it wasn't 1) pancakes, 2) spaghetti, 3) grilled cheese, or 4) fried eggs, which are things I can always get them to eat. 

They complained that I always make the same thing, but really it isn't my fault because they would always pout at whatever I made when I first got here, so I just stuck with things Kelsi, their previous Au Pair, recommended I make. But I have learned that you must make them eat it anyway, even though they will pout, because kids really have no idea what they like and don't like and sure enough after less than 5 minutes they were both like "more please!"

And, sigh. Cutest thing ever. We were sitting at the table after dinner having flip flop drawing contests (this was, of course, because we have a notepad shaped like a flip flop) when for some reason IHOP came up. Mike was curious as to what that was and I explained it was the International House of Pancakes. The kid nearly died. Mike loves pancakes more than life itself and IHOP is pretty much his version of heaven. Sadly, I had to tell them they are only in North America (what a misleading name!) but his reaction is one of the moments I know I'll cherish about coming here. 

His response was:

"Well, okay, Ketlun, when you is going back to America, I am going to come wis you on ze plane and stay wis you for one week and zen every day we can go get pancakes. Oh, yes, and Max can come, too."

And then me:

"Yay! That will be so much fun. You guys should totally come and stay with me for a week in New York!"

And then they got really excited and started planning their trip and then!!! Mike was like!!! "Well, can we come by ourselves? Just me and Max" and I said they could if they wanted to and thennnnnn Mike said "Well, if we are coming by ourselves we are going to need really good table manners or Mami and Papi isn't gonna let us go!"

Ahhhhhh. I'm dead from the cuteness all over again!

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