Sunday, April 5, 2009


wow, having a busted computer really puts a damper on the whole blogging thing. i was going to give it up for good but then my advisor sent me an email reminding me that if im not going to come back to school i should at least be blogging about my non scholarly misadventures. 

which brings me to my first point:

i am  not going back to school next year.

i am going to be working with city year new york. you can read all about it here. i think it's a good idea and i think it will really help me get my head sorted once and for all about the whole future thing. except that i just watched three seasons of house in a little over a week and now i want to be a doctor. so maybe it's not as simple as all that, but either way i think it is a good opportunity. 

i do miss school though. i get my fill now with 16 hours per week of german class but there are no grades, no papers, no reading assignments and im starting to miss that kind of stuff. its been years since ive gotten a good grade on something and i am really starting to miss it. i think this is good. when i go back to columbia maybe ill finally have learned not to waste the precious opportunity that attending that fine institution of higher learning is supposed to be. 

nitschkes & co. are in egypt so i have free reign of the computer. its deliciously sunny though so hopefully i wont be spending all my time at this desk typing away at my sad little attempt at blogging that is apparently going to secure me a job in the future (that is, according to my rather loony academic advisor).

tomorrow i turn 21. i dont know how i feel about it. maybe ill blog about it later.