Thursday, November 27, 2008

Life observations...

So, I am about to dig deep here. Some seriously serious reflection is going to to go down.

The topic?

KitKat bars.

This weekend Nicole went shopping and she bought a bag of KitKats and on this bag it read "New and Improved Recipe!!!" and this made me wtf. Because I mean how can you improve upon chocolate and some wafers. Not that I thought KitKats were the greatest thing ever, but just you can only go so many places with chocolate and a wafer. Right? Right.

So, you could say I was skeptical. Skeptical, but curious, so I took one of these KitKats with me to my German class since I always get super hungry and I figured a KitKat would be easy enough to consume mid Deutschlernen. 

WRONG. I don't know how they've done it, but Nestle must have made some kind of deal with the devil because KitKats are flufferin' awesome. Was I missing out before? Can someone unexposed to this new formula give me their opinions on KitKats. I was always fairly neutral... actually if we were to use the Trick or Treating scale for judging candy, it would get a one because I would only visit the house one time whereas a house giving out king size bags of Skittles would get a "as many times as possible without having to resort to costume changes" and the house giving banana Laffy Taffy would get the elusive "Costume changes PLUS bartering away all other candy for more banana Laffy Taffy."

But this new KitKat...well, it might just resort to plain old theft.

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Maria said...

Aheeehehehe that was a very well written proclamation on the advancement in KitKat bars. I will have to test it out! I love you!!!!