Thursday, January 15, 2009


I haven't made a to do list in like 2 years. I am just not that kind of person anymore, which is crazy because to do lists were kind of what got me through life a little bit. I am making one now because yelling at myself about the reading thing on my blog really worked out for me as I am actually ahead of schedule for book reading this week! So, let's give a try:

1. Locate the library, attempt to register. I am so lazy about studying my German and I have decided it is because I have absolutely no where to study. Ok, there is an office with a desk about 3 feet from my room but it is SO. COLD. I simply can't study in there. Everywhere in the house I would feel weird spreading all my books and things and kind of taking over, plus I find libraries very motivating.

2. Go to the gym. I need to get back in the habit with this, I've gotten very lazy.

3. Buy shampoo and hand lotion!

4. Finish Brave New World.

5. Purchase my next German text book (hooray for being on level A2!) and Breaking Dawn.

That is all!

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