Monday, June 22, 2009


the housekeeper has been completely evil to me lately. i just don't understand. she acts like she hardly knows me yet during the winter she treated me like i was her daughter! i know she is upset with the family we work for because they seriously cut down her hours, but since that happened she has been down right cold to me. 

just today there was a cutting board on the table and she told me to put it away. i got up and did it with out saying but she started ranting that it was my job to clean up after myself and i said conversationally, whilst i was doing exactly what she asked me to do, that nicole had left it their. she repeated it was my job to clean up breakfast and now i was ticked off so i replied that i was in charge of cleaning up after the children's breakfast, which is perfectly true. i'm the au pair and she is the housekeeper -- which of us d'you think is responsible for cleaning up after the mother and father?!

i absolutely wouldn't mind either if she just asked with even a hint of the warmth she used to. i used to do all kinds of things for her with a smile on my face (i still do in fact, she has no problem leaving all the laundry at the bottom of the stairs without even asking me to haul it all up two flights of stairs) but it is much harder for me to do favors when she is so cold. almost everyone i've spoken to has warned me about her though. i'm just sad that it looks like our relationship is ending on such a sour note. 

i truly can't wait to not live in this house anymore. i am going to miss max and mike but it is very uncomfortable for to me to live with people who so obviously view me as an employee. many of my friends who are au pairs are much closer with their families, but i feel very uncomfortable around mind (the exception, of course, being the children).

well, here i am blogging again, and therefore complaining. this blog is really just a forum for me to whine. 

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